Christmas Bonus Episode - A Christmas Story - “Keep Your Kids Off the Pole.”

Published December 25, 2018

Joe goes behind Todd's back this week... WITH HIS OWN WIFE! Carrie Findlay rejoins her man in the studio as they cover one of the all time holiday classics, A Christmas Story.

They talk about the Movies that the Director had to do to make this and the filming location near and dear to them.

Peter Billingsley's resume and celebrity connections are discussed. Carrie talks about the original house from the movie and how you can see it today.

Two different sequels to this movie exist and Joe discusses each of them. Joe recounts a gruesome story from school and Carrie interrupts his 2nd, more gruesome story (It ended with the kid getting hit in the growth and it busting open.

They explain their policy on decorating early for Christmas and discuss the idea that, in the past, a movie that moves down the top 10 in the box office could actually move back up.

Joe laments his decision to create a more comfortable studio seating situation.