A New Way to Support the Show

We have set up the ability to donate to the show through Paypal to support the podcast and cover the overhead of producing it. You will see donate buttons throughout the website that will allow you to connect with us. Every cent that is donated will go into the show and help with the following costs:

  • Web Hosting

  • Maintenance/Upgrades to the equipment

  • Future live performance costs

While we love to make sure we are providing a free podcast to you and do not expect a payment from our fans, any donations you wish to give in support of the show would be greatly appreciated . We will read the names of people who have recently given on the show (unless you indicate that you wish to remain anonymous because the money comes from your secret life that you don’t wish to share (but if you do wish to share, call us!).

We have future plans of other ways you can support the show as well, including a potential Patreon campaign that is being discussed as of now. You can also visit our Teepublic Store for fun merch inspired by the show.

If you have any questions about how donations can be given or how we will use them, feel free to contact us.