Chapter 1 - The Prequel to Miscast Commentary

For anyone who doesn't know us, Todd and I met during the summer just before Grade 1. His first act was to stop a bully from beating up the undersized 5 year old that I was. Add that to the usual kids' friendship criteria of proximity and basic similar interests and we were instant friends. That continued all the way through High School. Todd thrived in Drama, whereas I was more tech-centric. It wasn't until a little later on in our High School lives that I joined him on stages for our High School plays, Improv Team and the odd charity performance (A little tip about that one. If you are planning a sketch where you play Satan and his assistant, find out if you are performing at a church beforehand). The fun we always had as kids was only amplified when we hit the stage or when we made video projects for school.

Moving on to College was a bit more of a challenge. He was in Toronto and I was in the Niagara Region. The demands on our time were such that we spoke less and less. No animosity, just drifting apart. Time passed all to quickly and all of a sudden a decade had come and gone without us seeing each other. I thought often about my old friend, wondering where and how he was.

As luck would have it, we found out earlier this year that we went to the same gym as we ran into each other. The funny thing is that there was no awkwardness that came following all of the time and distance. It felt like only minutes had passed. We started getting together more often and talking about the old days and the fun we used to have performing. We made what felt at the time like an empty gesture, saying "Hey, we should work on something together some time." Empty gestures turned into something real in the middle of the Night on July 12, when I texted "I have an idea for a project for us." 

I was laying on the couch watching Steven Seagal beat up a bunch of bad guys in his usual fashion in "Marked For Death" on AMC, when I thought of all the times the two of us watched these action movies and would pick them apart. Just then, the idea just came to me. A podcast where we recreate that experience. Podcasts were fairly foreign to me. I didn't really listen to them. I started doing some research to see if a) the idea would even constitute a podcast and b) the idea wasn't a blatant ripoff of some other podcast. The more I researched, the more like this seemed like a perfect fit. Todd and I were buzzing back and forth coming up with ideas. Equipment was bought, ideas were floated around, and we decided that the first episode should be about the movie that was the catalyst for the whole project. Making fun of Seagal together felt more natural than breathing. The only thing more fun than recording the episodes has been the anticipation of recording the next one.

We hope that you all have had a chance to join in on the fun and continue to do so.  Get in touch with us. We would love to hear your feedback and your stories.

Catch you soon... 

Joe FindlayComment