Halloween Bonus - Halloween - “CHUD Rom-Com”

Published October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween fellow travelers! Todd and Joe bring a bonus episode to you on this Hallow's Eve, the 1978 John Carpenter Classic Halloween!

They talk about the spectacular score in the movie, the expansive resume of the cinematographer and the uncredited roles of Jamie Lee Curtis.

The movie's original title and why it had to change is discussed as is the relationships between a director and his/her cast, leading to the same people being recast in more of the director's projects. The idea of classic horror movies in a more modern world is explored and Todd brings up the spookiest Halloween Subject: Laundry.

The guys talk about what real life scenarios scare them. In an extra long extra credit, the guys discuss everything from unrelated sequels to Poo-mergencies.

Personal stories involving house party sex and Todd nearly kicking Joe down a flight of stairs are shared.