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A Podcast series hosted by Joe Findlay and Todd Murray, where they provide their own commentary track to some old favourite movies. The commentary includes personal stories, insights into the movie and some improv comedy.

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Published January 18, 2019

The guys take a step deeper into the MCU as they introduce Thor into the mix, They discuss the hiring of Kenneth Branaugh, Asgardians vs. Kryptonians and some interesting casting trivia. Joe talks about the old Conan sketches that portrayed Thor as a high-voiced hero. The guys share their thoughts on Chris Hemsworth as a specimen. Joe discusses the quote "You act for free. You get paid to wait" and its relevance for these major productions. SHIELD's role in the movies gains a little more steam. The guys talk about their feelings about camping and share a tragic story bout a frog and a bonfire. Modern day hip hop is subject to the guys' judgment. They also tackle Pizza vending machines, The Rock, The inevitable time when most of the current MCU cast of characters has been spent and the concept of a meal at a movie theatre.

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Recent episodes

Published January 11, 2019

Our 2nd trip into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also our 2nd Iron Man and they talk about the introduction of Scarlett Johansson into the MCU (and who had to pass on the job), Seth Green's record short cameo in the movie and cameos from two other Stars of Marvel Movies. Todd further reveals his aversion to technology and they talk about the animator who helped storyboard the movie. The Elon Musk Connections to Stark and the production itself are discussed. Joe and Todd talk about their times hurting themselves and each other in the name of fun growing up and the ramifications of that fun. The guys address a disruption by Joe's neighbours (We will tell this story another time). They give their praise to Kevin Feige and Joe expresses the need to continue finding new voices in the form of new directors into the MCU, citing the great discoveries Marvel has made so far. Joe translates to make one line in this movie mean something totally different. Todd asks how to get on the Dark Web. A very important appearance from another member of the MCU is confirmed (though we don't believe it was intentional). Fan theories of other big movies are also discussed.

Published January 4, 2019

The beginning of our tour of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins at the beginning. The guys are watching Iron Man and they talk about why Robert Downey Jr. was cast, the keen eye of Marvel Studios to pick out the best talent and what would have happened to the rights to many Marvel characters had this movie failed. They make predictions of what the next threat to the Avengers will be after Endgame. Joe and Todd debate who would win between Iron Man and Batman. Joe explains why The Incredible Hulk has been omitted from our MCU Schedule. A brief recap of the Rise of Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson and Joe's biggest regret about Coulson post-Avengers is shared. The pioneer of the modern Post-Credit scene is watched and discussed.

Published December 25, 2018

Joe goes behind Todd's back this week... WITH HIS OWN WIFE! Carrie Findlay rejoins her man in the studio as they cover one of the all time holiday classics, A Christmas Story. They talk about the Movies that the Director had to do to make this and the filming location near and dear to them. Peter Billingsley's resume and celebrity connections are discussed. Carrie talks about the original house from the movie and how you can see it today. Two different sequels to this movie exist and Joe discusses each of them. Joe recounts a gruesome story from school and Carrie interrupts his 2nd, more gruesome story (It ended with the kid getting hit in the growth and it busting open. They explain their policy on decorating early for Christmas and discuss the idea that, in the past, a movie that moves down the top 10 in the box office could actually move back up. Joe laments his decision to create a more comfortable studio seating situation.

Published December 22, 2018

Happy Life Day Folks! We dive into YouTube for the biggest hidden gem in the Star Wars Universe, the Star Wars Holiday Special. The guys talk about the production value, George Lucas' intentions and who actually created this turkey. The tropes of variety specials are discussed as is the special being the debut of Boba Fett. Joe reveals George Lucas' efforts to suppress the special and the big star who the studio didn't want to be cast. Joe's high school rap name is unveiled. The concept of being forced to enjoy a musical performance on TV is discussed. Joe talks about the scandal surrounding the release of the Boba Fett action figure after this special. A connection between the special and Joe's day job is uncovered.

Published December 14, 2018

Todd is back from sea and catching up is on the menu in this latest Coming Attractions Episode. The guys talk about a German chocolate spill and announce not only the next movie, but the Bonus Christmas Movie. They chat about the trailers for Avengers Endgame and Brightburn and debate about their anticipation of Aquaman. Fortnite and Video game micro transactions are discussed. Joe talks about some of the biggest Dick Moves in online gaming.

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