Miscast Commentary

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - “I Wanna Know If Superman Would Flourish Here.”

 Published May 4, 2017

In This Special May the 4th podcast, Joe and Todd cover the original Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope).

Trivia is the theme of the day and a lot of it comes at you during this movie.

We discuss who has the biggest resume among the cast and who requested to be killed off of the movie.

Coming Attractions.jpg

Coming Attractions

Published April 27, 2017

In this coming attractions episode, we recognize that an important date is coming up, and we announce the only movie can be watched on this date.

Joe reminds Todd about the existence of Shalamar and Todd challenges Joe to a game to play during the next movie. Betamax video is fondly remembered.

Revealing anything else that we discuss in this episode would be a spoiler. Wait, is admitting that there can be spoilers also be a spoiler?


Jason Goes To Hell - “Forced Man Kissing”

Published April 21, 2017

In this episode, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday is given the Miscast Commentary treatment.

The guys talk about how the movie was meant to reshape the franchise, Joe's opinion of the movie's score and Kane Hodder's place in Friday the 13th Legacy.

Joe and Todd disagree over the concept of the Jason Burger, seen in this movie. The guys talk in detail about their theories regarding the Mythos of Jason.

In our Extra Credit segment, Joe and Todd talk through a "Sweet 16" tournament bracket of Horror/Sci Fi Icons  


Coming Attractions

Published April 14, 2017

In this coming attractions episode, we announce our latest movie. The guys talk about their further adventures to make it on time for the recording, the video game based on next week's movie and some of the news from the week, including the passing of Charlie Murphy, the Trailer for Thor Ragnarok and the recent announcement made by the people behind Star Wars. The guys also revisit the Miscast Commentary Archive to listen to some old content.


Best of the Best - “Daddy Was a Dilly Bar.”

Published April 7, 2017

In this episode, the guys are watching the Tae Kwon Do Action Flick "Best of the Best."

The guys discuss Eric Roberts' rather impressive resume and more impressive hair, where you've heard the voice of the son and Joe shares a story from the guys' old High School Wrestling days.

The fatal flaw of the team's selection process and a stunning resemblance to a Rocky movie are discussed and they determine who is really the bad guys of the movie.

A dispute over the role of Eric Roberts' mom is resolved.


Coming Attractions

Published March 31, 2017

In this coming attractions episode, we reveal the next movie that we are doing, discuss whether or not people in certain movies are bad guys and Todd continues his free ad for the Nintendo Switch. Joe rewrites the Transformers cinematic universe. Stay tuned after the guys sign off because a bonus conversation about the Justice League trailer has been added exclusively for the podcast.


Aliens (Part 2 of 2) - “I Think I’m Overthinking This”

Published March 24, 2017

In the final part of our Aliens commentary, we continue where we left off last week.

The guys talk about the formula for keeping jerks alive in movies, Sigourney Weaver's connections to the Shire and who really was the best Joker.

Joe enlightens us with his own brand of claustrophobia and they contrast themselves with MST3K with their impending launch on Netflix.


Aliens (Part 1 of 2) - “A Minigun is a Minigun is a Minigun.”

Published March 17, 2017

In part one of this two part episode, Joe and Todd cover the classic Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller/Horror? Aliens.

They talk about James Cameron's journey to making this film, his relationships within show business and his troubles with the crew while this was being made.

Bill Paxton is remembered and the legacies of Sigourney Weaver and Lance Henrickson are discussed.

 Coming Attractions

Published March 10, 2017

The guys are back this week to announce another great movie that they will be providing commentary for. In addition, they discuss the Oscars, the Deadpool 2 Teaser and the release of the Nintendo Switch. Bill Paxton is remembered and the guys introduce a new segment where they visit some lost episodes.


Robocop - “Who Would Win In a Three-Way?”

Published March 3, 2017

In the latest episode, the guys are watching the Paul Verhoeven breakout film "Robocop."

They discuss the distinct style of the Director, the coming together of two writers' stories to make this movie and the reason why Peter Weller almost didn't do the movie. Joe reveals information about the design of ED-209, the original gun meant for Robocop, the quest for a Director before landing on Paul Verhoeven and how one of the most iconic scenes wasn't originally shot.

The legacy of the Late Miguel Ferrer is discussed. Todd and Joe have an earnest discussion about talking negatively about people, anxiety, depression and their time in high school.

Coming Attractions

Published February 24, 2017

In this Coming Attractions Episode, Joe and Todd announce the next movie to be covered, share an old high school story and compare our current climate to the distopian future movies. Joe weighs in on Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impression from SNL and so much more. Check It Out


Demolition Man - “That’s What Going Clear Looks Like.”

Published February 17, 2017

In This Episode, Joe and Todd talk about the Stallone/Snipes Action flick "Demolition Man."

The guys talk about writing changes in the movie, the Police Captain's role in other movies and the futuristic wardrobe.

Joe and Todd share their theories of the infamous "Three Seashells."

Joe also reveals a major plot point that was removed from the movie.


Coming Attractions

Published February 10, 2017

In this episode, the guys announce the next movie, take on Big Soy and reflect on the most insignificant parts of Bloodsport. Joe coins a useful new term. They discuss the Spiderman: Homecoming trailer, the slew of upcoming superhero TV shows and Ben Affleck's adjusted role in the solo Batman movie. Joe weighs in on the Superbowl half time show (Note - This was recorded prior to the Superbowl)


Bloodsport - “Way Too Better.”

Published February 3, 2017

In this episode, Joe and Todd discuss the Jean Claude Van Damme breakout film "Bloodsport."

They talk about the controversy surrounding Frank Dux claims that this is a true story, questions surrounding the kid playing a young Frank Dux, the history of Cannon Films and the History of Bolo Yeung.

A number of actors cross over between this and other Van Damme Movies and the guys go into that and Joe adds Aziz Ansari to his list of Flawless Impressions.

For Extra Credit, Todd and Joe make their own life stories larger than life a la Frank Dux.


Coming Attractions

Published January 27, 2017

In this episode, Joe and Todd announce the next movie to be covered as well as James Cameron's eventual return to the Terminator Franchise and the wave of nostalgia TV. We also learn about the difficulty that the guys go through to get to a recording.


Commando - “He’s Beige-Facing”

Published January 20, 2017

In this episode, Todd makes his triumphant return to the podcast after being away, leading to an extended pre-movie discussion.

Todd regales us with tales of the sea and of personal hygiene. Joe tries to sell out the podcast and shares the news of a potential 3rd super fan with Todd.

Once they were done yapping, which included a new impression by Joe, they discussed this week’s movie, Commando.

They discuss the writers’ ties to Joe’s job, the reason for the Bad Guy’s tight clothing and who was supposed to play Schwarzenegger’s role.


Coming Attractions

Published January 13, 2017

In this coming Attractions, Joe announces a return to status quo in 2017 and gives his thoughts on the Golden Globes. Joe also discusses the new Mark Wahlberg film, Patriots Day. Next week's movie is also announced.


Gremlins - “I’m Going to Watch Butterflies Hatch in the Dark.”

Published January 6, 2017

In this episode, Joe and guest co-host Daryl Sabo discuss the 1984 classic Gremlins.

Joe talks about where the cast is now, the numerous connections to Steven Spielberg beyond his producing this movie and why the town looks so familiar.

They talk about the amazing cast of voice actors who make up the group of Mogwai and share fan theories about the Gremlins' behaviour and their origins.


Coming Attractions

Published December 30, 2016

In this coming attractions episode, Joe announces the next movie to be covered and gives his tribute to the late Carrie Fisher, including audio clips from some of her interviews and some of her famous quotes.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - “Like An Old Man’s Pee”

Published December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays! In this special Christmas Day Episode, Joe is joined by his wife Carrie Findlay and they discuss "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." They talk about the original source material that inspired the movie, the man who almost directed this movie. Joe points out a number of connections to other classic Christmas movies, including our previous episode's movie. Carrie tells the story of when the couple was temporarily homeless following a fire over the holidays.