Miscast Commentary

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back - “The C in C-3PO”

Published May 4, 2018

May the Fourth be with you friends. Joe and Todd have foregone a Coming Attractions Episode to bring you another Star Wars Movie with The Empire Strikes Back.

They discuss the circumstances around Mark Hamill's apparent injury prior to filming as well as his uncomfortable Scandinavian shoot, Joe reveals two celebrities with uncredited roles in this movie and discuss the amazing work of Frank Oz, despite not being the first choice for Yoda.

Changes made in the remastered versions since the original version are pointed out and debated. Joe educates Todd on Yaddle and reveals his favourite Star Wars moment.

The guys posit what Yoda's home world might be like and how the original script would have changed every detail of this franchise moving forward.

Joe pitches the one role that Vin Diesel could play in the Star Wars Universe. The guys call the phone number that appears at the end of the credits.  


The Karate Kid - “Am I Allowed to be Thinking These Things?”

Published April 28, 2018

This week, Joe and Todd dive into The Karate Kid.

Before pressing play, former WWE Star Chyna's genitals are graphically described. When the movie starts, Joe talks his 80's crush on Elizabeth Shue, underdog movies and John G. Avildsen, who seemed to be at the forefront of the subgenre.

The racist stage name of Pat Morita as a stand up comedian is revealed.

The guys rehash a story of an unfortunate injury for Joe and the most famous Karate Kid Fan Theory is discussed.

Joe shares another story about another unfortunate injury and reveals a very rare award distinction. The similarities between the Cobra Kai and Geese are discussed.

Todd argues that an actor with a small role in he movie is more well known from other things.  


Coming Attractions

Published April 10, 2018

This week, Joe talks about the struggles with his upcoming viewing of Avengers: Infinity War and announces an altered episode schedule for the next two weeks as we have some well-timed Movies to do.

All that, plus connecting the Netflix show GLOW with a couple of recent deaths in this week's Coming Attractions Episode.  


Ernest Goes to Jail - “We’re Living in the Past. Who Isn’t?”

Published April 13, 2018

Joe and Todd take on the role of Vern as they watch Ernest Goes to Jail this week.

Joe reveals a tattoo he almost got, what was the only non-Ernest movie this director did.

The guys discuss who could fill Jim Varney's shoes as Ernest and somehow make an organic connection to gun control.

Todd commits to performing an Ernest Monologue.

For extra credit, the guys pitch what new Ernest Movies would have been made had Jim Varney still been alive.  


Coming Attractions

Published April 6, 2018

In this week's Coming Attractions Episode, Joe makes a big life decision, celebrate the delivery of their first ever prize and call out the products that they talk about constantly but have received no freebies from.

Todd points out a double standard from American Idol and they start a bunch of arbitrary beefs.

The next movie is announced and the whole mythos of the main character in this movie is questioned.

Joe literally couldn't find the trailer, so he plays a fake trailer.  


Starship Troopers - “Tits and Bugs and Explosions and Boners”

Published March 30, 2018

This week, the guys dip into the Paul Verhoeven well once again with Starship Troopers.

Joe settles a bet with his wife, Carrie, on air and the guys discuss media in the world of Paul Verhoeven Movies.

Joe talk about a movie that could have been Verhoeven's big film. They dive into the 90s shows that connect almost every member of the cast and Todd asks Joe which cast member he would rather get with.

Joe explains how this movie actually drew a bigger audience than the box office suggested. The guys try to figure out what the Three Hole in "Flip Six Three Hole" actually is.

They also have a theory as to why Casper Van Dien was Paul Verhoeven's choice as the star and discuss which director will get all of their movies done on the show first.

For Extra Credit, the guys try to figure out what would make you "Like to Know More" and they say what it would take for them to quit making the show.  


Coming Attractions

Published March 23, 2019

In this shorter-than-usual Coming Attractions Episode, the guys announce the next movie. how much they have covered a particular Genre and the importance of D.I.Y. Joe also revives his worst, yet favourite impression.  


 The Crow - “Still Better Than Eating a Tide Pod”

Published March 17, 2018

The guys talk about Joe's love for a Goth Girl in High School, The Lee Curse and the early days of Alex Proyas as they take on the 90s classic, The Crow.

Joe reveals who Ernie Hudson lost the role of Winston to in The Real Ghostbusters Animated Series and what famous line one of the cast members improvised in a classic movie.

The guys discuss the details behind Brandon Lee's Death. The original pitch for this movie and who would star in it is discussed as is what seems to be the cause of the bad luck on set.

Joe and Todd disagree over a character recognizing Eric.


Coming Attractions

Published March 9, 2018

Post-dated Superbowl talk, Scientology and White supremacy are on the menu for this week's coming attraction episode. The guys talk about rioting after winning, Todd's encounter with a group of racists (I promise that this is worth listening to) and, of course, announce next week's movie.  


The Three Amigos - “That’s Why Loose Meat is Called a Sloppy Joe”

Published March 2, 2018

In this episode, the guys take on the comedy classic The Three Amigos.

They discuss Director John Landis' early movie career, the unlikely co-writer of this movie and how Steve Martin acquired a strange skill set.

Lorne Michaels' early career is discussed as is the room full of celebrities before they were stars early in the film. Joe reveals the originally intended cast and one of his earliest experiences with alcohol.

They find another Three Amigos movie (unrelated to this one) that features a cast member from this movie. All this and so much more is covered this week.  


Coming Attractions

Published February 23, 2018

We've got a new movie to announce and talk about a YouTube commenter in this week's Coming Attractions Episode.

The guys theorize about befalling a tragedy at the hands of a celebrity, talk about Bill Cosby if he was in the Matrix and talk about the social significance of Black Panther.

They talk about too much content being ruined in trailers and reveal the reasons that they almost didn't make the podcast.

Joe and Todd are also appealing to you, the listener, for thoughts on Merchandise for future giveaways, sales, etc. and discuss a recent prize winner.


Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight - “I’ve Never Found Myself in Zorro-Related Situations”

Published February 16, 2018

Do not let the high amount of Shaquille O'Neal Talk at the beginning fool you. This is all about Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight.

The guys talk about the soundtrack and its effect on Todd's taste in Music, The old Late Night Horror Movie presentations on TV and John Kassir's impressive resume beyond playing the Cryptkeeper.

Todd shares his formula for a great movie and Joe reveals the cast member who had a huge Film First.

The guys reiterate their love for practical effects and pitch a TV adaptation for this movie, In extra credit, the guys do impressions of people doing impressions.  


Coming Attractions

Published February 9, 2018

Joe and Todd come back to you with another Coming Attractions Episode.

Todd shares a story about a trip inside a Scientology Building, the guys discuss the difficult topic of the accused sexual harassers and play a clip from a failed podcast from their vault.

The next movie is announced and the guys talk about the latest movie news, hygiene, Ideal sponsors, vaping and so much more.  


Back to the Future - “It’s the 80’s, I’ll Believe Anything.”

Published February 2, 2018

In this week's episode, The guys talk about one of the all time greats, Back to the Future.

They profess their attraction to a member of the BTTF Universe, talk about the studios that turned down this movie and ruin a Classic Christmas Song.

Joe talks about the major recasting done in this movie. The relationship between Doc and Marty is dissected and Joe reveals the celebrities who invested in The DeLorean Motor Company. They show how this movie has a huge connection to multiple Miscast Commentary Movies and talk about Michael J. Fox's real middle name.

The guys theorize about what Doc Brown does as his every day Job and where all his money came from. For Extra Credit, the guys invent their own 80's Movie Montages.

As a bonus after the movie, the guys give you the perfect order of flavours in which to eat Chips, offer up a prize of Canadian Snacks for a lucky listener. make a special pact and share their greatest embarrassments.  


Coming Attractions

Published January 26, 2018

Todd mourns a loss, the guys coin the term Crispin' and announce the latest movie in the week's Coming Attractions Episode.

The guys talk about McG, navigate a detour of crazy subjects to get back on point and challenge you to share your favourite misheard song lyrics.

They reminisce about The Ben Stiller Show and dream about selling out and talk science class.  


They Live - “Think About an ACTUAL Meat Loaf”

Published January 19, 2018

This week, the guys finally tackle the source of dialogue found in their very own theme song... The John Carpenter/Roddy Piper movie "They Live."

The guys talk about the influence this movie had on other media, the strange gifts that Joe and Todd used to get each other and how Neo-Nazis tried to steal the message of this movie.

Roddy Piper's development as an actor and the stable of Actors for Best Actor/Best Actress at the Golden Globes are discussed.

Joe talks about Roddy Piper's Green Card status affecting his ability to promote the movie. Todd tackles the controversial subject of boxes and the guys recount times when they had to live like homeless people. They guys end the show with their own version of the song "High Hopes."  


Coming Attractions

Published January 12, 2018

Joe and Todd are back together after months apart in this week's Coming Attractions Episode.

The guys discuss the circumstances of their separation, announce the next movie (Which was already announced a couple of weeks ago) and address a prize winner.

They look back on the Golden Globes, Todd shares his saddest celebrity death of 2017 and Joe announces an upcoming campaign and hopes for future projects.

Todd and Joe debate the Universal Studios Jaws ride and discuss more on the Dave Chappelle Special and the Hollywood Sexual Harassment scandal.

The guys also get to catch up on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and theorize about Post-Talk Show Beards. Joe talks about vintage toys.  


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - “I’m Snake and this is Malf-Boy”

Published January 5, 2018

In this Episode, Joe employs the help of his daughter, Abigail, as they take on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

They talk about how Harry Potter has worked his way into their lives, the traditions that have come up and the art of Sorting.

Abby tells a story about a Harry Potter Bath Bomb and they discuss the Wizarding World and Harry Potter in Video Games.

Coming Attractions

Published December 29, 2017

Joe announces the next movie, the return of Todd and talks the politics of online movie reviewing/commenting in this week's Coming Attractions Episode. Also, with the end of the year upon us, he has some comments on 2017 and his hopes for the year to come.


Christmas Bonus - Die Hard - “The Other One’s Helping Our Marriage.”

Published December 25, 2017

Yippee Ki Yay Father Christmas! Joe is with you for a Christmas Bonus Episode with his wife, Carrie Findlay as a guest host as they provide commentary for an Action Classic, Die Hard.

They discuss the novel that the movie was based on as well as its loyalty to the text, the passing of Alan Rickman and who was the most German actor on set.