Miscast Commentary

Total Recall - “This Guy’s Gonna Have Real Sex-Fun”

Published May 17, 2019

Joe and Todd get back to the roots of their podcast with old school Schwarzenegger and hid classic Total Recall.

Joe explains how Arnold Schwarzenegger helped a company get the rights to the movie and all the projects that were derived from the author of the source material. Todd makes the claim that Arnie's face is perfect for a special effects movie and the relationship between Sharon Stone and Paul Verhoeven is discussed.

Todd poses a question about a significant other being mad at you for what you did in a dream. The writers of the story abandoned this film in the 70's to create another Sci-Fi Classic and Joe reveals which movie it was. The guys pick their ideal women as if they are picking their Rekall women. Joe explain's Arnie's approach to film commentary and why he couldn't watch the remake.

The depth of the deception in this film is discussed at length. Joe tells the story of when he considered using his son for Total Recall cosplay. They discuss the ways you can dismiss the plot of this movie to make an endless amount of sequels.

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Coming Attractions

Published May 10, 2019

Joe and Todd come back with another Coming Attractions episode of the podcast and talk about the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer, the Marvel Infinity Saga Blu Ray collection and the Don't Spoil Avengers: Endgame campaign.

Injuries sustained from watching movies is discussed as is Meghan McCain's appearance on Seth Meyers. Todd lays out the reasonable range of the political spectrum. The guys ask what happened to the people while they were gone during the snap. Joe teases some potential Marvel Characters that may be coming in based on the Easter Eggs from Endgame. The guys try to figure out which Marvel character will be revealed as gay based on what we have seen so far.

The Disney/Fox movie release schedule has been revealed and is discussed by the guys. Todd has a rant about the current state of the WWE and threatens to cancel his WWE Network. Joe reviews a number of Documentaries he has watched over the week, including Andre the Giant's documentary. Todd finally got around to seeing Venom and gives it a quick review. Joe announces the next movie to get the Miscast Commentary Treatment.

They finish up by talking about Adam Sandler's first hosting gig at SNL and what they expected to happen, but didn't get and Joe shares how his son got into the Beatles.


Captain Marvel Review

Published April 26, 2019

Joe and Todd's review of Captain Marvel from their YouTube show Miscast TV. You can watch the video here:



Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi - “I’ve Never Been To Rome”

Published May 4, 2019

May the Fourth be with you once again as the guys leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fly back to a Galaxy Far Far Away as they take on Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Joe reveals the original plans for the Death Star in the original trilogy and how Alan Rickman almost made it into the Star Wars Universe.

George Lucas' original choices for director are revealed as well as a Miscast Commentary favourite who was suggested to Lucas. Joe talks about his least favourite addition to the remastered edition of the movie and #ARancorsJourney on Instagram is revisited.

They reveal whose idea it was to put Leia in the sexy slave outfit. Cast from the radio play adaptations are discussed. They weigh the pros and cons of the upcoming streaming service Disney + and share their reverence for Ian McDiarmid (AKA the Emperor), despite George Lucas not wanting him in the role.

Child psychology is introduced into the script writing process and the lost search for Nelleth Skywalker is abandoned in the story. Joe talks about the story line that continued in books, comics and radio plays in the Expanded Universe.

They point out where we have seen many of the actors playing Ewoks in other Miscast Commentary Movies.

Coming Attractions.jpg

Coming Attractions

Published May 3, 2019

The guys return to a Coming Attractions format for the first time in 2019 and have a lot to cover, starting with a Tribute to Peter Mayhew and his iconic role of Chewbacca across all the Star Wars Trilogies.

Joe updates you on the work done on miscastcommentary.com and a live appearance that he is making on YouTube. They update you on their phone number and read their first text.

Joe takes you back to events from this day in History (May 2). The guys give their Spoiler-filled (and very mixed) Avengers: Endgame review. Todd shares his view on how characters were utilized in the movie and Joe rewrites a major moment in the film.

Joe talks about The Expendables of Horror coming to Netflix and the re-emergence of Gabriel Luna as Ghost Rider and its mysterious lack of a connection to Agents of SHIELD.

Joe announces a new movie commentary that will be released tomorrow, May the 4th (wink). They also discuss the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Trailer and some theories.


MCU Commentary #19 - Ant-Man and the Wasp - “It Doesn’t Phase Her.”

Published April 25, 2019

Joe and Todd finish their MCU Commentary marathon with Ant-Man and the Wasp.

The guys celebrate completing so many movies in such a short time and start to look ahead beyond endgame and guess where Marvel will go next. They reveal what they would do under house arrest.

Todd pitches a Disney Ride based on the movie and Joe lets you in on what DCEU actor is under pressure to write his own script after discussing how some Marvel Actors have taken control of their own scripts.

Todd compares today's Halloween costumes with the costumes of old. Joe shares a story about when he was electrocuted. Joe talks about why the casting of Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd is awkward. They talk about how Pym's lab was built. Joe constantly reminds Todd about a major detail in this movie.


MCU Commentary #18 - Avengers: Infinity War - “Gooderer”

Published April 19, 2019

Everything comes together when the guys give their commentary to the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with their Commentary of Avengers: Infinity War.

The guys play an Avengers Featurette and predict James Gunn's Future. Joe reveals a former MCU Director's cameo, they recap the infinity stones and break down the development of the villains in this movie.

They talk about the multiple comics that make up this story and how it was thought to influence the names of this movie and its upcoming sequel. Joe lists the ways that the trailers lied to the audience to avoid spoilers.

They discuss which superhero movie would be the best representation of the genre as a can't miss movie. Joe dishes on Joss Whedon's apparent issue with dealing with the cast in past movies. The guys talk about their issues with the Iron Spider Suit.

Marvel's busy release schedule and combined box office success is discussed. Joe makes a strange but true comparison between this and Star Wars: Episode 1. The guys speculate about Thanos' role in the next movie as well as The Hulk's presence.


MCU Commentary #17 - Black Panther - “What Do You Mean THESE People?”

Published April 12, 2019

The guys visit Wakanda for their Movie Commentary of Black Panther. Joe reveals which Black Panther came first, the hero or the group. They talk about Denzel Whitaker, who is no relation to Forrest Whitaker, but has played a relative before.

Potential castings for T'Challa are discussed as is a previous animated miniseries with a very strong cast. They analyze how Andy Serkis was utilized in the movie and the potential for Disney creating a Marvel Expansion to their theme parks.

Joe tells you which actor was trying to get a Black Panther Movie made for years? The Origins of Wakandan language is talked about.

They view the movie as a James Bond Movie over a superhero movie. Joe lays out the combination of characters that make up the MCU's Killmonger. They discuss how this movie is empowering for females as well as the black community.

A strange piece of Male/Female equality is discussed in this movie. 


MCU Commentary #16 - Thor: Ragnarok - “Smurf Baby”

Published April 9, 2019

In this episode, Joe and Todd learn about their new mixer and so much more in their Movie Commentary for Taika Waititi's Thor Ragnarok.

They guys discuss lightening the mood in the MCU. They talk about Taika Waititi's career and speculate on upcoming work (remembering that this was recorded BEFORE James Gunn was rehired for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3).

Joe reveals the voice talent behind Surtur and his connection to the Miscast Commentary Cinematic Universe (or MCCU, if you will).

They talk about the TV pedigree of the writers and the multiple connections between this movie and the latest Star Trek Franchise. They discuss test audiences and introduce you to the latest Disney Princess.

The source material that was combined to make this movie is revealed and the guys discuss the potential of Idris Elba as James Bond. Joe explains how this movie was its own Ragnarok. 

MCU Commentary #15 - Spider-Man: Homecoming - “What Are We Running Here?”

Published April 5, 2019

Joe and Todd Celebrate a new studio and another step into the MCU with their movie commentary of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

In this episode, the guys explain the circumstances behind their equipment upgrade and talk bout the strange pedigree of the director, Jon Watts.

They discuss their love for Michael Keaton and his surprising first acting role. The concepts of how one becomes a bad guy and how the heroes/villains are costumed in the comics vs. the movies is explored.

Joe reveals which actor was a writer on the film and we connect the MCU to Community once again. Todd has a lot of questions about comic con.


MCU Commentary #14 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - “Many a Tentacled Monster-Beast”

Published April 2, 2019

Joe and Todd improvise a makeshift studio to bring you their movie commentary for Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2, but not before they debate a Friends reunion, tabloids and Yogurt.

The guys talk about James Gunn's firing (having recorded this before he was rehired). Todd poses the question of how much it would take to leave his wife.

They swoon over the ageless good looks of Kurt Russell and discuss the change of Starlord's Father to Ego, The Living Planet.

Joe and Todd adopt the powers of Ego and make their own planet as they see fit and explain the rights trade between Fox and Marvel that brought a main character to the movie. Todd denies the death of Groot in part 1 and Joe helps justify it with some Marvel Comics Lore.

Joe talks about the ego of actors and a specific example from an old comedy. The prolific careers of certain actors and the lack of time between their jobs is discussed. 


MCU Commentary #13 - Doctor Strange - “Like Bradley Cooper on Drugs.”

Published March 29, 2019

A number of challenges face Joe and Todd as they take on a movie commentary for Doctor Strange.

Joe realizes that an important movie in the MCU was left of the schedule and then mistakenly calls Ralph Feinnes "Severus Snape" when he knows he was Voldemort.

The strange connection between Marvel and Hannibal is revealed and the decision to cast The Ancient the way they did and some other potential options are discussed.

Joe explains how Benedict Cumberbatch ended up on The Simpsons.

Todd and Joe debate the pronunciation of the star's name and Brits doing American accents are praised.

Benedict Cumberbatch was almost not the lead and the guys talk about why and who was almost cast in his place. Joe reveals whose crew was stolen to shoot this movie.

Rachel McAdams' character's role in the Marvel Comics and her tie to other Marvel properties is revealed as are the multiple connections between Sherlock Holmes and Marvel.

The guys speculated as to this movie's impact on Avengers: Endgame. Joe reveals how the Dutch dub of the movie was a family affair.

Dormammu vs. Thanos is debated. They discuss a way that Doctor Strange can take on The Hulk.

At 1:39:25, a catastrophic failure in the recording had to get the guys to think on their feet and get the remainder of the show out. 


MCU Commentary #12 - Captain America: Civil War - “ScarJoJoe”

Published March 22, 2019

Joe and Todd get into one of the meatiest movies in the MCU with their Movie Commentary for Captain America: Civil War. The guys discuss why the movie didn't have to be a Captain America Movie, the positive changes to The Falcon Character from the Comics to film and the disappointing superhero movies with higher budgets than this one.

Questions arise as to where an Avengers Video game is.

Joe reveals the proposed Roger Corman Captain America Movie and the all star cast that was going to star in it. They talk about the comic version of Civil War and how everything started compared to the film.

Robert Downey Jr.'s role was originally meant to be small, but Joe explains how it ended up being as large as it was and the drama leading up to it. An MCU character with an eight year gap between movies makes his return.

Joe and Todd debate both sides in the Civil War and try to justify each of the sides' merits. The source of T'Challa's accent is revealed.

Romania as a location, a home to one of the cast members and the source of funny stories from Joe's work is discussed. Joe tells you what is in Bucky Barnes' Backpack.

They talk about the evolution of Black Panther and Spiderman's roles in the movie. Joe asks a question about Royalty vs. Diplomats.

Tom Holland's Audition process and who helped him shoot his audition tape are discussed. 


MCU Commentary #11 - Ant-Man - “You’ve Seen It or You Haven’t.”

Published March 15, 2019

It's time to bring in another new character as the guys do a movie commentary for Ant-Man. Joe points out flashbacks that tie in to previous MCU movies and the process of aging/de-aging that was used in the movie. The perceived reasons why Edgar Wright left the film are discussed.

Paul Rudd's long, unaging career is laid out. Joe posits the important role of the supporting characters in superhero films. Evangeline Lily's career as an extra is revealed. M. Night Shyamalan and the concept of Director's jail are discussed as is the guys' opinions on re-watching movies with big twists.

A key HBO TV Role for Bobby Canivale is discussed and Joe talks about his reaction to this film as a father to a daughter.

Multiple connections to the movie 13 Going On 30 are pointed out and Joe details his 2 Vasectomies. Potential candidates for Scott Lang are discussed and the guys have an educated guess as to who Edgar Wright's Ant-Man would have been.

Paul Rudd's self-depreciating thoughts on playing the character are talked about and the reason for a costume revision is revealed. Director Peyton Reed's resume is reviewed. The first ever person to portray Ant-Man makes a cameo in this movie and he is revealed. The guys talk about Lang's daughter's rumoured role in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

Joe's TV viewing habits are discussed and the guys debate Francis Ford Coppolla's career post-Apocalypse Now, particularly how Dracula holds up. Todd points out how Joe keeps ruining past movies for him. New techniques in set/prop making created by Disney is detailed. The guys pitch new licensing for Universal Studio's Marvel-themed rides and Joe points out the source of the laser sound effects in the movie.

The question is raised as to the need for Ant-Man's helmet in the shrinking process. A high school video project from Todd is recounted and Joe tells a story about meeting Will Arnett and having a tweet liked by Chris Miller.  


MCU Commentary #10 - Avengers: Age of Ultron - “Ever the Optimist”

Published March 8, 2019

Joe and Todd Reassemble for a movie commentary for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The guys talk about Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen's relationship prior to this movie and what they wanted to bring to their roles.

A connection to the Fox series 'Gifted' is discussed and a comparison between Quicksilver in this universe and the one in the X-Men movies.

The process of turning The Hulk into Bruce Banner is figured out in this movie and the guys discuss it, plus an interesting decision about his transition by the film makers.

Joe reveals the strategy to work around Scarlett Johansson's pregnancy during filming. An infamous actress auditioned for the role of Wanda (AKA the Scarlet Witch) and she is revealed on this podcast.

Joe corrects a previous statement about how Ultron was motion captured in a previous episode. They address a rumour about James Spader's health. More of Marvel's long game is revealed with the introduction of Andy Serkis as Klaue.

Joe uses physics to describe the power of Quicksilver. This movie's importance in setting up other MCU movies is discussed. Joe points out how Bruce Banner fought The Hulk in this movie. Joe pitches a dark turn for The Hulk.  


MCU Commentary #9 - Guardians of the Galaxy - “Fart and Fight”

Published March 1, 2019

Marvel has taken to the stars which, technically, makes Joe and Todd Astronauts. Join them as they provide commentary for Guardians of the Galaxy.

The guys discuss the prospect of attending a Marvel Marathon in the cinema, the guys' prospective careers in porn and the weird combination of movies written by James Gunn. The impact of this soundtrack on the film and its success is discussed.

The guys try to navigate around the Avengers: Endgame rumours as they do not want to hear anything about them. Then they proceed to make their own speculations. They reach out to the listeners looking for someone who is experiencing the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time through their podcast.

Joe takes on Hollywood's strange relationship with gravity in space. They discuss what a Celestial is in the MCU. They discuss how hiring big celebrities to play the voices of Rocket and Groot was kind of pointless. Joe questions how long one might be able to survive in the vacuum of space.

They talk about humour from a fat person compared to someone in shape.

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MCU Commentary #8 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier - “Be Fun About It.”

Published February 22, 2019

Joe and Todd continue on through the MCU with Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

They challenge any listener who binges the podcast to reach out and talk about the pleasant surprise that this movie was.

The Russo brothers are discussed. The guys talk about what TV work got them the Marvel gig and what the first question was that they asked about Chris Evans.

A fan theory regarding a truck in the chase scene is revealed. Joe shares what he believes to be the flaw with old Hollywood films and reveals which MCU star was left out of this movie.

They talk about which actors wrote some of their own dialogue and Joe tells a story about a man going after his wife. Joe points out a location reused from a previous Marvel Movie.


MCU Commentary #7 - Thor: The Dark World - “Order Yourself a BiFrosty.”

Published February 15, 2019

The guys enter a Dark World as they provide commentary for Thor: The Dark World.

The guys talk about Directors who tackled multiple MCU Movies, the existence of DC Analogs to Marvel Characters and when the same movie comes out multiple times in a short period.

Zachary Levi's involvment in the movie is explained. Joe talks about why Kenneth Branaugh was unable to direct the movie.

Joe recounts an embarassing moment on his first date with his now wife.

A difficult shooting location for the movie is revealed. They discuss a breakdown with another famous director and how it led to Natalie Portman not wanting to be a part of the project.

Joe talks about the original plan for Jane. Idris Elba's dissatisfaction with shooting this movie is explained.

The ask the question "How much does Thor weigh?"  

MCU Commentary #6 - Iron Man 3 - “Bread, Todd. Bread.”

Published February 8, 2019

The guys begin Phase 2 of the MCU with their commentary of Iron Man 3.

They start out by having a difficult time naming bands.

They discuss Jon Favreau's view of appearing in, but not directing this installment of the franchise, Shane Black's writing career and which iconic movie character he almost killed off.

The Mandarin's development from Chinese Stereotype to what we see on screen is talked about.

The reveal what Captain Marvel cast member was almost a major role in this movie and the Marvel One Shot that reveals the truth about the Mandarin is discussed.

Another strange technical glitch interrupts the guys. Joe reveals an interesting trend that is found across all Phase 2 Movies.

The guys investigate Shane Black's obsession with Christmas.  


MCU Commentary #5 - Marvel’s Avengers - “Where All the Mothers Have the Same Name”

Published February 1, 2019

All of the guys MCU commentaries has culminated in the end of Phase 1 as they tackle Marvel's The Avengers.

The guys compare themselves to Conan O'Brien's podcast and plead for high-end advertisers and talk about the fate of Hollywood big wigs.

They discuss which characters were MVPs and which were woefully underutilized in the movie. Joss Wheden's career as a writer/creator is discussed, including earlier ties to other Marvel/Disney Projects.

The trouble with casting dual identity characters is explored and Joe confesses to a crime. Joe pitches the best formula to using The Hulk in a Movie and mourns a cast member, while pointing out how presumptuous the character is while dying.

The guys try to tie a weak reason to an interesting cameo. Joe points out a number of 30 Rock references that did not age well.

The guys devise a back story for the Chitauri. Joe also reveals why Cap isn't eating in the post-credit scene.