Miscast Commentary

A Podcast series hosted by Joe Findlay and Todd Murray, where they provide their own commentary track to some old favourite movies. The commentary includes personal stories, insights into the movie and some improv comedy.

Latest Episode

Published June 22, 2018

*NOTE* An issue with the recording caused a slight quality issue with the live portion of the commentary (not unlistenable, but not up to our standards)

The guys dive deep into a Rabbit Hole when they provide commentary for the... let's say video game adaptation, Double Dragon. Author/Speaker/Comic Book Creator B.J. Mendelson revisits us this episode via unheard clips from last week's interview. Todd experiences a major case of Deja Vu and an announcement regarding the next movie. A character actor in multiple Miscast Commentary movies is discussed. Todd is fascinated by the little person in charge of keeping the building standing and the futurism in the movie is taken to task. The lack of training for the actors is brought to light. Comparisons to other adaptations that came out during this time period are made and Todd spots an actor from a cult movie in a very small role. Joe has a theory about Alyssa Milano's involvement in a childish scene. B.J.'s clips include discussion about the prologue and cast, what should have been a solemn moment in the movie, Abobo's journey and how the end reminds him of Kevin Smith. For Extra Credit, all three of the guys try to get to the bottom of the question 'Is this the worst Video Game to Movie Adapation?'


Recent episodes

Published June 15, 2018

In this episode, the guys have their first interview on the show as they talk to Author/Speaker/Comic Book Creator and Mall Santa (Yes that last one is true and he has a great story about it), B.J. Mendelson. In the interview, B.J. discusses his motivations for writing his books, using social media to promote himself as a young stand up comic, the race to a million followers on Twitter and how he is somewhat of a soothsayer when it comes to his work. He discusses his time as a substitute teacher, his debate at the U.N. His ability to write for female characters in his comic, Vengeance, Nevada and how it was created ahead of the use of strong female characters in Superhero Movies. As the guys announce next week's movie, it is up to B.J. to explain his motivations as to why he challenged them to do the movie.

Published June 8, 2018

The guys travel deeper into Middle Earth with Part 2 of their commentary for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The guys discuss the scenes deleted from the extended cut for the theatrical release, the last minute replacement that led to Viggo Mortensen taking the role of Aragorn and Orlando Bloom's Career after Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. Joe lets you know which Hobbit alum plays multiple roles in this movie and gives thanks to his wife for supporting him during podcast production. A parallel between Frodo and Gollum that was shot but never made it in the movie is talked about and Joe talks about getting his two year old son into nerd culture. MASSIVE technology is discussed and Todd poses the question of who the main character actually is in the trilogy. Joe explains the process of getting the singer for the end credit theme.

Published June 1, 2018

The guys continue their epic journey through Middle Earth with the first of their 2-part commentary of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. They talk about their lack of experience with the books, catch us up on where we left off in the first movie and what video game likely derived from this story. Todd shares a story of a public bathroom stall and they share their admiration for the work of Andy Serkis. Similarities between this and a former Miscast Commentary Movie, The Empire Strikes Back are brought to light. Numerous filming-related injuries are listed.

Published May 25, 2018

In this week's coming attractions episode, the guys pitch for a new theme song, tease an upcoming interview and talk about Deadpool, including Todd's ill-fated viewing of the movie. Joe talks about the only weather related incident that made them leave the drive in and the guys brag(?) about a record they set at a Movie Theatre in their teens. Joe shares an unfortunate lottery story and they talk about inconsiderate retail customers and a meeting between Bill Gates and Donald Trump. An epic sequel is announced as our next Movie and it will be a 2 part episode.

Published May 18, 2018

This week, the guys watch one of their favourite comedies, the Keenan Ivory Wayans-helmed 'I'm Gonna Git You Sucka.' They talk about Wayans' writing pedigree before this movie, whose idea was the title for this movie and who wrote the theme to the TV Show 'A Different World.' The guys disagree over the attractiveness of the female lead and Joe reveals the numerous Voice Over jobs that have been done by the cast. Joe reveals that a sequel to this movie exists. A fight between Joe's cat and dog has to be addressed.

Published May 11, 2018

The guys are back together for a Coming Attractions Episode. This week, Joe addresses how far in advance they have been recording their shows, the guys announce next week's movie and who accidentally ruined Avengers a year ago. Conan's upcoming format change is discussed and the guys react to Bill and Ted part 3 becoming official. Joe rants on fast food restaurants' very strange menu items. Joe asks a question about Star Trek that had never occurred to him (If anyone has the answer, please e-mail in) and talks about Las Vegas. The guys also make a big announcement regarding the YouTube edition of our episodes.

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