Episode 0 - Our Genesis

This is going to be an interesting journey. Going through the old episodes, we wanted to share our thoughts with you as we re-lived these moments. It was interesting hearing me tell the story of how the podcast came to be. It is indeed true that I was watching Marked for Death on my own when the whole idea came flooding into my head. A few back and forth conversations and a sizeable investment later, we had a podcast and this was its beginning. I like to think we have gotten better at it since this one. I hope you enjoy the read.

Miscast Commentary - Episode 0

Released August 19, 2016

Intro : You’re listening to Miscast Commentary.

Joe: Hi guys. How’re you doing here. It’s Joe Findlay

Todd: Hello, this is Todd “T-Bo the Sailor” Murray

Joe: Yeah, and we’re here. This is Miscast Commentary. We’re giving you a little mini episode to tell you who the hell we are before we get started.

Todd: Miscast is definitely the correct name.

Joe: Yeah, exactly. So, somewhere out of the ordinary, we just decided to… do a podcast.  I just… let him know. I just texted Todd and said “Hey, wanna do this podcast? We’re gonna talk about movies.”

Todd: Then i asked you what a podcast was, honestly.

Joe: Yes. and I didn’t have a great answer for him. Essentially, what we’re gonna do… We’re gonna do another commentary for a movie. So you’ve got your Director’s Commentary. You’ve got your Cast Commentaries and you’ve got… you know…

Todd: Two guys who had absolutely nothing to do with the production or the film.

Joe: Yeah, exactly and we’re gonna give you our insights. We’re gonna do some bits. We’re gonna have some fun. We’re gonna talk about all kinds of movies. Mostly old movies. But it’s not gonna just be bad movies. It’s gonna be movies we like, it’s gonna be movies we hate and it’s gonna be all kinds of things. Whatever we enjoyed watching when we were young or whatever we would have enjoyed watching when we were young.

Todd: Which was anything that had explosions and boobs.

Joe: Yes, and if a boob exploded, you were in fantastic shape.

Todd: Oh yes.

Joe: Yes. So we’re really looking forward to doing this. We’re hoping we can get four or five listeners that aren’t related.

Todd: So the idea is that people will turn the movie on and turn  us on and listen to our commentary over top of the film as it plays.

Joe: Well, they certainly can. They’re invited to do that. That’s how this was born, but I mean you can still listen to it anyways. If you’re driving then we don’t want you to watch the movie because if you die, we’ll feel bad.

Todd: And you’ll know what’s happening because Joe will be talking smack and I will literally be describing the movie in English and Espanol.

Joe: If you’ve never seen a commentary that has Arnold Schwarzenegger on it, just go on YouTube and Google it. That’s what Todd’s gonna be doing.

Todd: Pretty Much.

Joe: (Impersonating Schwarzenegger) “This is the scene where I walk into the room and then I say hello, and that’s very funny because I wouldn’t normally say hello. I’d just shoot the man in the chest.”

Todd: Exactly, and I’m not going to be doing it as me or an outsider, I’m going to be one of the characters telling you what’s happening

(Joe Laughs)

Joe: See and we’re still learning technically about things so Todd just learned hard..

(Banging sound)

Todd: Ohhhh!

Joe: Todd just learned not to bang the table.

Todd: It’s a very expensive Table, by the way. You should see the setup in this room it is… It’s as professional as it gets.

Joe: Well, unless you go to a professional studio. We are on a couch. I am looking at my daughter’s… still Easter candy, so that’s where we’re at.

Todd: I’m in the Bathroom. Live via satellite.

Joe: Yeah. I got a cable that was just long enough. When you hear him… I will try to keep the mic down if you hear him start to struggle.

Todd: Grunts. Flushes.

Joe: Yeah.

Todd: Pages turning.

Joe: You’ve never flushed.

Todd: Yeah. I don’t know how.to.

Joe: Alright. So anyways. So let’s talk about the movie we’re gonna do next week. It is a fantastic one. It’s actually the one I was watching when I was like “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if me and Todd were doing a podcast about this?” And then my brain literally went “Woaaaah.” and then my brain went “Woooah” again because that’s what Steven Segal would have sounded like and which movie are we doing Todd?

Todd: We are going to do… You could pick any Steven Segal film, ‘cause they’re all exactly the same. We’re gonna do Marked For Death.

Joe: Fantastic. Marked for Death. The third of his bigger movies at the time. He did three really close together and he takes on Jamaicans in this.

Todd: Yes which is different than the others where he took on a different race of the exact same guy.

Joe: And don’t worry. Are they kind of racist against them? Totally!

Todd: Oh this is… What year did this come out?

Joe: ‘90.

Todd: Stereotypes were the… that was the way to go.

Joe: I know. The fact that we made it out of there and thought “Hey, black people are ok.”

(They laugh)

Todd: Anybody. Especially whitey.

Joe: No. I’ve never been a fan of whitey. Yeah, so we’re gonna give it a watch. We’re gonna be watching it in real time and we’re gonna be reacting. You can join along with us, you can just listen to us watch the movie, If you’ve seen the movie you know what happens. When you hear us talk about “Hey, there’s a girl with boobs.” You’ll know what we’re getting at.

Todd: A girl with boobs.

Joe: Yeah, exactly. If you can't figure it out then I can’t help you. You can get this thing anywhere. You can find it in any cheapy bin in any store. I found it in a video store in the used bin. You can rent it on YouTube for $3.99 right now

Todd: I don’t.. Honestly. I wouldn’t recommend… for $3.99. Yikes.

Joe: I know. I’m sorry (They laugh). Then there’s other things in the states if there’s any possibility that an American is going to listen to this. You can get it on Amazon Instant. You can get it on Vudu

Todd: if you live anywhere in the vicinity of somebody who’s like from the ages of 35 to somewhere in their 50’s range just wait ‘til they go to work, break into their house. I’m sure they’ll have it amongst their Van Dammes.

Joe: If you know anybody who owns a sword, They’ve got this movie or can describe it to you in full. So that’s it guys. We really hope everybody tunes in. We’re gonna try and have these things up on Fridays, so you should always be able to tune in and hear something. Somebody will be talking. If you want to reach us, you can catch us at miscastcommentary@gmail.com. You can find us on Twitter @miscastpodcast. You can find us on Instagram @miscastcommentary. Lots of ways to find us.

Todd: You can… I was just gonna say my local phone number. You can just call me. And yack whenever, really. If you just wanna rap.  

Joe: But you literally have to rap.

Todd: Yes. I will not accept any phone calls unless you are freestyle rapping.

Joe. Yeah. That’s how I had to tell him that, like, a friend of ours died. (They Laugh) It was really bad,

Todd: It was awkward.

Joe: I could not find the rhymes. So I hope everybody tunes in and checks us out; Marked for Death. Find it. Watch it along with us. Don’t find it. Listen along. I don’t care.

Todd: Live it.

Joe: Just be a part of it with us. Be inside us.

Todd: Yes, Both of us.

Joe: Alright. Tune in.