MCU Commentary #7 - Thor: The Dark World - “Order Yourself a BiFrosty.”

Published February 15, 2019

The guys enter a Dark World as they provide commentary for Thor: The Dark World.

The guys talk about Directors who tackled multiple MCU Movies, the existence of DC Analogs to Marvel Characters and when the same movie comes out multiple times in a short period.

Zachary Levi's involvment in the movie is explained. Joe talks about why Kenneth Branaugh was unable to direct the movie.

Joe recounts an embarassing moment on his first date with his now wife.

A difficult shooting location for the movie is revealed. They discuss a breakdown with another famous director and how it led to Natalie Portman not wanting to be a part of the project.

Joe talks about the original plan for Jane. Idris Elba's dissatisfaction with shooting this movie is explained.

The ask the question "How much does Thor weigh?"