MCU Commentary #5 - Marvel’s Avengers - “Where All the Mothers Have the Same Name”

Published February 1, 2019

All of the guys MCU commentaries has culminated in the end of Phase 1 as they tackle Marvel's The Avengers.

The guys compare themselves to Conan O'Brien's podcast and plead for high-end advertisers and talk about the fate of Hollywood big wigs.

They discuss which characters were MVPs and which were woefully underutilized in the movie. Joss Wheden's career as a writer/creator is discussed, including earlier ties to other Marvel/Disney Projects.

The trouble with casting dual identity characters is explored and Joe confesses to a crime. Joe pitches the best formula to using The Hulk in a Movie and mourns a cast member, while pointing out how presumptuous the character is while dying.

The guys try to tie a weak reason to an interesting cameo. Joe points out a number of 30 Rock references that did not age well.

The guys devise a back story for the Chitauri. Joe also reveals why Cap isn't eating in the post-credit scene.