MCU Commentary #4 - Captain America: The First Avenger - β€œThe Tooch Is Loose!”

Published January 25, 2019

As the guys near the end of Phase One of the MCU, they reintroduce themselves to Captain America: The First Avenger.

In this episode, Joe explains why "The First Avenger" is a misnomer, the guys talk about theme park rights and the reasons for Joe Johnston being brought on to direct this movie.

The multiple plans to "Shrink" Chris Evans' Steve Rogers are explained. Stanley Tucci's unexpected relations are revealed.

Joe recalls a story about casting Two-Face in Batman Forever and reveals some famous former roomates of some of the cast. The guys try to unwrap how one is deemed worthy of the super soldier serum.

Todd recounts a recent encounter with a Coyote. Joe talks about how he turns on his own son and starts a new MCU Fan Theory.

Todd tries to answer the question "Can Captain America take a bullet?" The parallels between this movie and Wonderwoman are discussed.