MCU Commentary #3 - Thor - “Letting Some Things Occur”

Published January 18, 2019

The guys take a step deeper into the MCU as they introduce Thor into the mix.

They discuss the hiring of Kenneth Branaugh, Asgardians vs. Kryptonians and some interesting casting trivia.

Joe talks about the old Conan sketches that portrayed Thor as a high-voiced hero. The guys share their thoughts on Chris Hemsworth as a specimen.

Joe discusses the quote "You act for free. You get paid to wait" and its relevance for these major productions. SHIELD's role in the movies gains a little more steam.

The guys talk about their feelings about camping and share a tragic story bout a frog and a bonfire. Modern day hip hop is subject to the guys' judgment. They also tackle Pizza vending machines, The Rock, The inevitable time when most of the current MCU cast of characters has been spent and the concept of a meal at a movie theatre.