MCU Commentary #17 - Black Panther - “What Do You Mean THESE People?”

Published April 12, 2019

The guys visit Wakanda for their Movie Commentary of Black Panther. Joe reveals which Black Panther came first, the hero or the group. They talk about Denzel Whitaker, who is no relation to Forrest Whitaker, but has played a relative before.

Potential castings for T'Challa are discussed as is a previous animated miniseries with a very strong cast. They analyze how Andy Serkis was utilized in the movie and the potential for Disney creating a Marvel Expansion to their theme parks.

Joe tells you which actor was trying to get a Black Panther Movie made for years? The Origins of Wakandan language is talked about.

They view the movie as a James Bond Movie over a superhero movie. Joe lays out the combination of characters that make up the MCU's Killmonger. They discuss how this movie is empowering for females as well as the black community.

A strange piece of Male/Female equality is discussed in this movie.