MCU Commentary #13 - Doctor Strange - “Like Bradley Cooper on Drugs.”

Published March 29, 2019

A number of challenges face Joe and Todd as they take on a movie commentary for Doctor Strange.

Joe realizes that an important movie in the MCU was left of the schedule and then mistakenly calls Ralph Feinnes "Severus Snape" when he knows he was Voldemort.

The strange connection between Marvel and Hannibal is revealed and the decision to cast The Ancient the way they did and some other potential options are discussed.

Joe explains how Benedict Cumberbatch ended up on The Simpsons.

Todd and Joe debate the pronunciation of the star's name and Brits doing American accents are praised.

Benedict Cumberbatch was almost not the lead and the guys talk about why and who was almost cast in his place. Joe reveals whose crew was stolen to shoot this movie.

Rachel McAdams' character's role in the Marvel Comics and her tie to other Marvel properties is revealed as are the multiple connections between Sherlock Holmes and Marvel.

The guys speculated as to this movie's impact on Avengers: Endgame. Joe reveals how the Dutch dub of the movie was a family affair.

Dormammu vs. Thanos is debated. They discuss a way that Doctor Strange can take on The Hulk.

At 1:39:25, a catastrophic failure in the recording had to get the guys to think on their feet and get the remainder of the show out.