MCU Commentary #12 - Captain America: Civil War - “ScarJoJoe”

Published March 22, 2019

Joe and Todd get into one of the meatiest movies in the MCU with their Movie Commentary for Captain America: Civil War. The guys discuss why the movie didn't have to be a Captain America Movie, the positive changes to The Falcon Character from the Comics to film and the disappointing superhero movies with higher budgets than this one.

Questions arise as to where an Avengers Video game is.

Joe reveals the proposed Roger Corman Captain America Movie and the all star cast that was going to star in it. They talk about the comic version of Civil War and how everything started compared to the film.

Robert Downey Jr.'s role was originally meant to be small, but Joe explains how it ended up being as large as it was and the drama leading up to it. An MCU character with an eight year gap between movies makes his return.

Joe and Todd debate both sides in the Civil War and try to justify each of the sides' merits. The source of T'Challa's accent is revealed.

Romania as a location, a home to one of the cast members and the source of funny stories from Joe's work is discussed. Joe tells you what is in Bucky Barnes' Backpack.

They talk about the evolution of Black Panther and Spiderman's roles in the movie. Joe asks a question about Royalty vs. Diplomats.

Tom Holland's Audition process and who helped him shoot his audition tape are discussed.