Transformers: The Movie - “Pick Your Gangs Wisely, Children.”

Published November 8, 2018

Joe and Todd have "The Touch" this week as they lend their commentary to the 1986 Animated feature Transformers: The Movie.

The guys talk about the legacy of Transformers and its latest iterations, Joe rehashes his pitch for a better Transformers Cinematic Universe and reveals the trick to this movie getting a wider release (and a higher rating).

The guys talk about a connection to The Simpsons, share their biggest complaint about the animated Transformers series and discuss how dark this movie is.

They talk about the toys they had as kids and, for the first time ever, the movie has to be paused so the guys could evacuate the building.

Joe talks about George Lucas' plans (according to an interview) for Episode 7-9.

They highlight Frank Welker's 800+ credit career