Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back - “The C in C-3PO”

Published May 4, 2018

May the Fourth be with you friends. Joe and Todd have foregone a Coming Attractions Episode to bring you another Star Wars Movie with The Empire Strikes Back.

They discuss the circumstances around Mark Hamill's apparent injury prior to filming as well as his uncomfortable Scandinavian shoot, Joe reveals two celebrities with uncredited roles in this movie and discuss the amazing work of Frank Oz, despite not being the first choice for Yoda.

Changes made in the remastered versions since the original version are pointed out and debated. Joe educates Todd on Yaddle and reveals his favourite Star Wars moment.

The guys posit what Yoda's home world might be like and how the original script would have changed every detail of this franchise moving forward.

Joe pitches the one role that Vin Diesel could play in the Star Wars Universe. The guys call the phone number that appears at the end of the credits.