The Karate Kid - “Am I Allowed to be Thinking These Things?”

Published April 28, 2018

This week, Joe and Todd dive into The Karate Kid.

Before pressing play, former WWE Star Chyna's genitals are graphically described. When the movie starts, Joe talks his 80's crush on Elizabeth Shue, underdog movies and John G. Avildsen, who seemed to be at the forefront of the subgenre.

The racist stage name of Pat Morita as a stand up comedian is revealed.

The guys rehash a story of an unfortunate injury for Joe and the most famous Karate Kid Fan Theory is discussed.

Joe shares another story about another unfortunate injury and reveals a very rare award distinction. The similarities between the Cobra Kai and Geese are discussed.

Todd argues that an actor with a small role in he movie is more well known from other things.