Starship Troopers - “Tits and Bugs and Explosions and Boners”

Published March 30, 2018

This week, the guys dip into the Paul Verhoeven well once again with Starship Troopers.

Joe settles a bet with his wife, Carrie, on air and the guys discuss media in the world of Paul Verhoeven Movies.

Joe talk about a movie that could have been Verhoeven's big film. They dive into the 90s shows that connect almost every member of the cast and Todd asks Joe which cast member he would rather get with.

Joe explains how this movie actually drew a bigger audience than the box office suggested. The guys try to figure out what the Three Hole in "Flip Six Three Hole" actually is.

They also have a theory as to why Casper Van Dien was Paul Verhoeven's choice as the star and discuss which director will get all of their movies done on the show first.

For Extra Credit, the guys try to figure out what would make you "Like to Know More" and they say what it would take for them to quit making the show.