Back to the Future - “It’s the 80’s, I’ll Believe Anything.”

Published February 2, 2018

In this week's episode, The guys talk about one of the all time greats, Back to the Future.

They profess their attraction to a member of the BTTF Universe, talk about the studios that turned down this movie and ruin a Classic Christmas Song.

Joe talks about the major recasting done in this movie. The relationship between Doc and Marty is dissected and Joe reveals the celebrities who invested in The DeLorean Motor Company. They show how this movie has a huge connection to multiple Miscast Commentary Movies and talk about Michael J. Fox's real middle name.

The guys theorize about what Doc Brown does as his every day Job and where all his money came from. For Extra Credit, the guys invent their own 80's Movie Montages.

As a bonus after the movie, the guys give you the perfect order of flavours in which to eat Chips, offer up a prize of Canadian Snacks for a lucky listener. make a special pact and share their greatest embarrassments.