Rocky IV - “He’s Running Off to Tell Nobody Nothin’”

Published December 8, 2017

In this episode, The guys watch Rocky IV, something that was kept secret from Todd up until Joe pressed play.

Joe discussed the connections between this and the sequel to Creed, the amount of times that Sylvester Stallone tried to stick Ivan Drago back into another Rocky movie and what Sly said became of other Rocky Characters that we never saw again.

They discuss Stallone's creation of Rocky and its ongoing Story, what hie wanted his role in Hollywood to be and how Carl Weathers' education led to his Acting Career.

The origin of the character of Drago's wife is discussed and the guys reveal why Carl Weathers almost quit the movie. Todd brings up the subject of body image for women and men in entertainment.

You'll learn what locations substituted for Russia and find out how many times the guys can say Juggalo over the duration of the credits.