Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon - “He’s Carrying Degrassi Jr. High on His Shoulders”

Published October 27, 2017

Joe and Todd hit us with what we all need, which is a commentary track for Berry Gordy's 80's Martial Arts/R&B Action classic "The Last Dragon."

They discuss the combination of music and the Martial Arts Film, the Star, Taimak's career off Broadway and his ties to the early days of UFC. The guys discuss Prince's protege, Vanity, her role in this movie, her local connection to the guys and what Prince really wanted to call her band.

They find a big named cameo. Todd talks about his early days working out to videos from the man who almost starred in this movie.

Todd also shares one of the greatest stories from a vacation in the Amazon. Joe, for the first time, had to abandon Todd in a Bathroom Emergency.

Joe and Todd debate Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan. The guys recast this movie with Modern day stars in Extra Credit.