Miscast Commentary

joe findlay


Joe Findlay is a professional broadcast technician and graduate of Niagara College's Broadcasting: Radio, Television and Film program (2003). He has experience acting on both Stage and Screen in an amateur setting and was the Captain of his High School Improv Team. More recently, Joe has spent his time developing, writing, producing and performing in Miscast TV on YouTube and has been making appearances on Podcasts and YouTube Programs all over the net.




May 3, 2019 - Who Cares Anyway? Podcast


March 28, 2019 - Dueling Decades

January 25, 2019 - Who Cares Anyway? Podcast

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todd murray


Todd “T-Bo! the Sailor” Murray is a former Drama Student from Ryerson University following a prolific High School Drama career. He is currently developing material for his pursuit of Stand Up Comedy and is a writer/performer on our YouTube Show, Miscast TV.