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A Podcast series hosted by Joe Findlay and Todd Murray, where they provide their own commentary track to some old favourite movies. The commentary includes personal stories, insights into the movie and some improv comedy.

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january 4 - the miscast commentary mcu marathon

The deep dive into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is underway for Joe and Todd. Starting today, you will get at least a movie per week as we do commentary for each MCU movie in order of its theatrical release between now and April 25, 2019. The only movie left off the list is The Incredible Hulk, due to the limitation of time and the casting slightly disconnecting this movie from the rest of the universe (Save William Hurt and an RDJ cameo). So Join us as we chat about each movie, their place in the Marvel Hierarchy and so much more.

January 3 - big news to start the new year

Happy New Year Everyone. We are honoured to announced that PodDB have named us their Podcast of the Week. Check them out on Twitter @OfficialPodDb and find us on their website 

november 9 - huge plan for the new year

If you heard our latest Coming Attractions Episode, you heard that the New Year will bring a huge event. Miscast Commentary will be covering every movie in the MCU. Each week (that’s right, no Coming Attractions Episodes until May) we will bring you a new movie from the franchise, ending just in time for the release of Avengers 4. Come along with us for this adventure!

august 30 - get your t-shirt today

We have released our first T-Shirt on Teepublic.com. It is currently on for $14 until the end of Saturday. Click Here to check it out!

July 27 - podcast of the week

We are thrilled to announced that we were named wearecult.rocks Podcast of the Week. Read the article here

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