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A Podcast series hosted by Joe Findlay and Todd Murray, where they provide their own commentary track to some old favourite movies. The commentary includes personal stories, insights into the movie and some improv comedy.

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november 9 - huge plan for the new year

If you heard our latest Coming Attractions Episode, you heard that the New Year will bring a huge event. Miscast Commentary will be covering every movie in the MCU. Each week (that’s right, no Coming Attractions Episodes until May) we will bring you a new movie from the franchise, ending just in time for the release of Avengers 4. Come along with us for this adventure!

august 30 - get your t-shirt today

We have released our first T-Shirt on Teepublic.com. It is currently on for $14 until the end of Saturday. Click Here to check it out!

July 27 - podcast of the week

We are thrilled to announced that we were named wearecult.rocks Podcast of the Week. Read the article here

JUly 27 - t-shirts

Joe and Todd are starting the process of designing T-shirts for the show to sell online. If you are a fan of the show/an aspiring artist, why not take a concept, a quote or one of the fake sponsors from the show and design a T-Shirt? Designs can be submitted to us by e-mailing them to podcast@miscastcommentary.com

July 16 - now available on spotify

Miscast Commentary is available in more places than ever. You can now stream us on Spotify. Stream here or from any of your favourite sources for podcasts today

June 15 - our interview with b.j. mendelson is up

Our first interview on the show is now available for your listening pleasure. B.J. was a pleasure to talk to and had so much to say, talking about his projects, his time as a substitute teacher, mall Santa and debater at the United Nations. His reason for joining us was that he challenged us to do the next movie, and the guys want an explanation. Make sure to check out this jam-packed episode.

june 15 - iheartradio

Miscast Commentary is now available to stream on iHeartRadio. Add this to the wide variety of ways you can find us and never miss an episode. 

June 12 - we're #4

We are excited to announce that, as of this posting, Miscast Commentary has reached his highest ranking as we just made #4 in iTunes' Film and Television Podcasts rankings. We are so thankful to all of our supporters and hope that you all stick with us for the years to come. 

June 1 - our first interview

Following our back to back commentary episodes about Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, we have an interview with Writer,  Speaker and Comic Book Creator B.J, Mendelson. We talk about his latest projects, the race to a million followers and why he challenged us to do the movie that we announce during the interview. In addition, we will be playing unheard excerpts from the Interview during the commentary for the movie and we will release the uncut interview. Make sure to check that out starting June 15.

April 21 - back to back movies

There is a lot to commemorate over the next couple of weeks. With that in mind, we announced in this week's episode that we are doing two straight weeks of movies. Next week, with the upcoming release of The YouTube Red series Cobra Kai, Joe and Todd are taking on The 1984 classic The Karate Kid. The following Friday is one of the most important days of the year. May the 4th! As always, we bring to you a Star Wars Movie on this day and the Sag Continues with The Empire Strikes back! There will be no Coming Attractions Episode between the two. Our regular schedule resumes on May 12.

April 6 - Poll Results

The results are in! By a very narrow margin, our listeners would prefer to get with Neil Patrick Harris over Casper Van Dien. This wasn't without controversy. Shirtless GIFs were put forward to sway voters. Thanks all for participating.

march 31 - new poll!

In the spirit of our latest episode, we play a quick game of "Who would you rather" with you, our audience. Click Here to view the poll on Twitter and vote!

march 30 - miscast tv!

We've expanded our media domination machine with the launch of Miscast TV, the video component of Miscast Media. Joe and Todd will post talks on here as well as sketches and whatever fun they get on video. Click Here to go to our YouTube Channel and check out our Web Page by Clicking Miscast TV on the top of this page. 

March 14 - Joe guests on poop culture

Our own Joe Findlay was a guest on this week's episode of Poop Culture. Listen to Joe and Shawbag6 take on Rick Mancrush and Marc James in a debate over which was the best of times... March of 1989 or March of 1999.  

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